the oral bible school

When we first began working in Cambodia, many teams had conducted training of Christian leadership by traditional, literate means.  When tested later, the majority of those leaders could not remember what they had been taught, nor could they in turn teach that material to others.


We also attempted to work with leaders using simpler materials that focused on practical application, such as Train and Multiply.  Still, the leaders were unable to synthesize the information they read and answer fill-in-the-blank questions.  They balked at areas of practical application that called for implementing new truths into their daily lives and ministries.  Transformation was just not occurring!


Experts surveyed the work; and upon assessing the situation and the educational preferences of various leaders and members, they strongly advised us to focus our efforts on training by oral means.  The Oral  Bible School was born out of those efforts.

Nearly seventy percent of all of the thirteen million people in Cambodia are functionally illiterate.  Even though there are a number who can read and write and even attend university, the vast majority prefer to learn by oral means.  This statistic is also true in many other parts of the world.

Introducing The Oral  Bible School